Explaining the differences between barley grass products

As can be imagined, there are lots of barley-based health products and lots of confusion due to the marketing spin that abounds.

To start, here is a question that we get often: how are these products made?

There are two major ways barley products are produced. The most inexpensive way to do it is just to send barley grass through a drying process and then grind it to powder. Generally, this kind of product is considered inferior because it is largely made up of plant fiber that is indigestible and of no value to humans. Even cows have to have two stomachs to digest grass!

The second way barley products are produced is by juicing barley grass and then spray drying the juice into powder. The juicing eliminates the fiber and leaves only the nutrition. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of barley to make barley juice and for that reason, this kind of product is very expensive (roughly 3 times the cost).

We recommend the second method and frankly, see little value in the first method.

Here is a second question we often get: what is barleygreen exactly?

Barleygreen is simply a brand of a barley product that is produced using the second method (juicing the barley grass). It has been around for about 40 years. It is sort of like Coke. Here in the south, all soft drinks are referred to as Coke.

The truth is there are at least three and maybe more brands on the market that all use the second method: Barleygreen, BarleyLife, and BarleyMax.

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